University of Houston graduates are successful in every imaginable profession, law, science, medicine, business, politics, and the creative arts. Often leaders and innovators in their fields, below a few notable alumni sharing how the University of Houston helped shape their success. You can also find a longer list of prominent alumni here.

Wade Phillips

Wade Phillips (’70) proudly wears two rings on his right hand: his Super Bowl championship ring, and his University of Houston ring.

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Jim Nantz

Jim Nantz (’81) says that the path for his dreams all started at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston.

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Hakeem Olajuwon

Reflecting back on his career, Olajuwon said he is thrilled at the opportunities he found at the University of Houston, and couldn’t imagine having gone anywhere else.

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Star Jones

There is absolutely nothing that I haven’t been able to accomplish without my degree

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Dennis Quaid

So many young people just want to be a star now, and the craft is what carries you through

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Otis Birdsong

I’m a part of the Cougar family, and whatever I can do for the University, I’ll do it.

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Christine Ha

She is a firm believer that “talent, passion and opportunity” are essential to success

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Victor Costa

Hard work, and a lot of luck: that’s what Victor Costa (’58) attributes to his success as a world-famous fashion designer.

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