The UH Alumni Association is grateful to provide a pathway for the next generation of forever Coogs through our many scholarship programs. This past year, we awarded $125,050 in scholarships to 120 students, helping them to achieve their dreams. Each student has a different story about where they came from and where they’re going, but they all have one thing in common: they each want the opportunity to realize their potential and make an impact. UH Alumni have the ability to turn dreams of a quality education into solid reality. Just read what some of our students, who have benefited from this generosity, have said.

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Graduation Year: May, 2020
Major/Minor: Chemical Engineering

Engineering Alumni
Scholarship Recipient

“I am determined and motivated to pursue a career that will provide me with a platform to make impactful contributions in the field of energy. The chemical industry appeals most to my personal interests and aspirations. Similar to the innovative approaches that revolutionized the tech industry, my goal is to innovate solutions focused on producing safe, reliable and efficient energy that can be accessed all over the world. This scholarship helped contribute in alleviating the financial aspect of my undergraduate journey, which in turn allowed me to maintain my focus on attaining academic excellence.”

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Gundeep Singh (’22)

Graduation Year: May, 2022
Major/Minor: Mathematics/Finance

NSM Alumni
Scholarship Recipient

“After graduating from the University of Houston in May 2022, I am planning to go to Columbia University to study and complete a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering. Following the completion of my Masters degree, I am hoping to work on Wall Street. This scholarship has helped me pay tuition this semester.”

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Joel Scarbrough (’19)

Graduation Year: May, 2019
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering

Cougar Athletic Alliance
Scholarship Recipient

“I accepted a full-time job with ExxonMobil as an industrial sales engineer. I look forward to giving back to UH, the community and becoming a Life Member of the UH Alumni Association. This scholarship helped me pay tuition for school, which enabled me to direct my focus on engineering coursework, be a member of the varsity football team and give back to the community through various events. I am very thankful to the University of Houston Alumni Association for helping me achieve my dreams.”

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Kathlyn Grant (’19)

Graduation Year: December, 2019
Major/Minor: Health Promotions/Minor in Human Development and Family Studies

Cougar Athletic Alliance
Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship allowed me to have more time to focus on my studies and lessened my worry about continuing my education. Additionally, it helped decrease the number of student loans I would have to take out, a huge relief for me and my family. Most importantly, it taught me the importance of giving back, as I hope to do the same for another student when I have the financial opportunity to do so.”

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Graduation Year: December, 2022
Major/Minor: Biology Major, Medicine and Society Minor

Asian Alumni
Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship was used to help me live on campus. Living on campus allows me to be heavily involved not only at UH, but also in my community. I am a member of the Bonner Leaders Program, intramural volleyball player, on the executive team of WISE, an officer intern with AED, and a volunteer at Ben Taub Hospital.”

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Damon Spencer (’21)

Graduation Year: May, 2021
Major/Minor: Computer Engineering

Black Alumni
Association Recipient

“After graduation, I would like to attend graduate school and get a Ph.D. After finishing graduate school, I plan to work as a researcher in a research lab. This scholarship helped me pay tuition for this year and allowed me to worry a little bit less about the cost of college.”