Bauer College of Business

Welcome to the Bauer College of Business Alumni Association!

The UH Bauer College Alumni Association is a Constituent Association  and is organized to the strengthen the relationship of alumni of the University of Houston and to advance the interest in the Bauer College.

We strive to serve and support the University of Houston, the Bauer College, its students and its alumni.

More specific objectives include providing fellowship opportunities among the Bauer College of Business alumni as a means to increase alumni activity awareness and engagement. And also to promote and enhance the image of the University of Houston and the Bauer College of Business.


President: Brad Bryan (’04, MSACCY ’04)

President – Elect: Irene Hernandez (’13)

Vice-President: Pilar Sosa

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Vacant

Marketing Chair: Chris Gervasio

Sponsorship Chair: Randy Meyer

Events Chair: Tarush Nihalani

Engagement Chair: Randy Seawright (MBA ’16)


For more information, please stay tuned at during Fall football season.

Come join us at the next Cougar Power Hour, register at!

Thanks for another wonderful year! Join us next summer in August for the next annual meeting.

Join us next Fall in September at the Houston Food Bank. It is our tradition to gather as many Houston Cougars + Family + Friends to give back to our Greater Houston community!