Graduate College of Social Work!

Mission: To enhance Alumni loyalty and pride by developing life-long relationships with one another at the Graduate College of Social Work.

College Webstite: http://www.uh.edu/socialwork/



Mosaic on Wall

President: Dayna Gurley

Vice President: Joy Malbrough

Treasurer: Tony Fernandez

Board Member:  Tara Dansereau (’04)

Board Member: Sarah Strickler Stone

Board Member: DeJuana Jernigan

Board Member: Gema Hernandez 

Board Member: Angela Goins (’96)

Board Member: Steven Cochran (’06)

Board Member: William Walker (’08)

Board Member: Vanessa Shippard

Board Member: Deborah Elizondo-Brady

Board Member: Tiffany Purnell



Signature Events

Come join us for our annual meeting. For more information click here!

GCSW Alumni Homecoming Tailgate

About The Event

Stay tuned for information on the 2019 tailgate!