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Mission: To enhance Alumni loyalty and pride by developing life-long relationships with one another at the Graduate College of Social Work.

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Mosaic on Wall

2020 Distinguished Alumni of the Year - Chava White (MSW '78)

President: Dayna Gurley (’15, MSW ’17)

Vice President: Joy Malbrough (Ph.D. ’14)

Treasurer: Steve Cochran (’03, MSW ’06)

Secretary: Tony Fernandez (MSW ’96)

Board member: Angela Goins (MSW ’96)

Board Member: DeJuana Jernigan (MSW ’98)

Board Member: Tara Dansereau (MSW ’04)

Board Member: Will Walker (MSW ’08)

Board Member: Vanessa Shippard (MSW ’03)

Board Member: Tiffany Purnell (’08, MSW ’13)

Board Member: Heather Goltz (MSW ’05, MED ’12)

Board Member: Laurie Cantrell (MSW ’91)

Board Member: Candice Curl (MSW ’10)

Board Member: Melinda Ortega (MSW ’10)

Board Member: Melissa Cruz (’08)

Signature Events

The Graduate College of Social Work Alumni Association Scholarship committee is now accepting applications for its scholarships.  Two scholarships (A Charlotte Campbell & A General UHGCSWAA) in the amount of $3,000 each, will be awarded for the Spring 2020 Semester.  The recipients will be acknowledged at the UH GCSW Alumni Association Annual Meeting in August.

Details for the scholarship are as follows:

 Applicants can be part-time or full-time students, currently enrolled in the GCSW at the time of scholarship disbursement, must have a GPA of at least 3.25, and have a minimum of 12 SCH.

Advanced Standing Applicants with fewer than 12 SCH can apply with a waiver by providing Advanced Standing Verification, showing proof of credited number of hours received upon being determined advanced standing status.

Additionally, each applicant should include an unofficial transcript that verifies your GPA and a CV Resume.

To apply, please complete and return this application by March 26, 2021.





Please contact Dayna Gurley at

Thanks so much for joining us for our annual meeting!