Asian Alumni Association

Welcome to the Asian Alumni Association!

The Asian Alumni Association strives to advance the interests and promote the welfare of the University of Houston, to reunite Asian alumni and friends for social and professional networking events, to organize fundraising events and scholarships for Asian students who attend UH, and to serve as a vehicle to address various concerns, issues, and needs that impact Asian students, faculty members, alumni and the community in general.



President: Michael Truong (’09)
Vice President (External): John Nguyen
Vice President (Internal) : Thu-Mai Nguyen (B.S. ’15, P.B.B.A. ’16)
Secretary: Vincent Tran (’16)
Treasurer: Christopher Cheng (’96)

Board Members at Large:

Lily Truong
John Truong (’83)
Hien T. Pham (’08)
Gladys Cheng (’01)
Hien Duong


Events and Programs

The Asian Alumni Association aims to encourage students of Asian origin to pursue studies at the University through this Scholarship Program.  Each scholarship is a one-time award in the amount of $1,000 ($500 each semester) or one $500 award paid in the Fall semester. These scholarships will be open for applicants in January 2019.