Frontier Fiesta

Welcome to the Frontier Fiesta Alumni Association!

To promote and support Frontier Fiesta through engaging the University of Houston Alumni and aiding the student leaders to maintain a long standing university tradition.

Questions, concerns, want to get involved? Email the FFAN Leadership Team at or join our mailing list by CLICKING HERE


President: Gonzalo Lombard
Treasurer: Robert Spencer
Secretary: Amanda Tenzer
Marketing: Amanda Hunt
Events: Bethany Johns
Board Member: Liz Hernandez
Board Member: Christian Kladzyk


Upcoming Events

Come grab some BBQ and a nice cold beer at the Alumni Tent Saturday evening at Frontier Fiesta. Great way to top off a fun family day of activities and it gives you a place to hang out before the evening’s concert.

The event is open to all alumni, friends, and visitors at Frontier Fiesta. Everyone is welcome!