Alumni Associations Determined To Rise Amidst Challenges

There is no better statement in reflection regarding the activities of the Affiliated Alumni Associations in this past year, than “Determined to Rise.” Coming out of a year with COVID restrictions and virtual engagements, each group forged new paths with strong goals, leading the charge. Compared to the 2020-2021 Academic Year with 61 events held (40 Virtual and 21 In-Person) they rocked and rolled in 2021-2022, holding 110 events (5 Virtual & 105 In-Person) and counting! This represents an 80% increase in overall Constituent Group programming between Academic Years, and a 400% increase in in-person programming in the same time frame.  But, all of this effort was not solely forward focused.

When establishing an Affiliated Alumni Association, one of the core tenants of each mission statement is the service back to the students. One of the most incredible ways the groups can give back is in the form of scholarships. This year, we were able to award over $220,000 to 152 students, thanks to the efforts of the Alumni Associations, representing awards to 22% of all applicants. Your participation in their events, your donations to their appeals and benefits, and your willingness to share these opportunities with other friends and alumni allowed each group to achieve their goals in scholarship giving. So, thank you!

I would also be remiss not to recognize the strength and support of our Life Members in the Scholarship space. Each time a Life Member joins, they not only publicly proclaim their support of University of Houston, but also their support of the Legacy Scholarship Endowment. This endowment offers incoming Legacy freshman, or incoming Legacy transfer students, the chance to receive a four-year scholarship. The Legacy Scholarship Program encourages the children and grandchildren of UH alumni to continue the family legacy and attend the University.  We were able to offer this scholarship to 6 incoming students for the 2022-2023 Academic Year, thanks to the generous support of our Life Members.

This year, we hope to highlight the stories of some scholarship recipients, and the Alumni volunteers that helped make those awards possible. I encourage all of you to visit the UH Alumni Association website to learn about our 42 active Alumni Associations and get involved.  With your help, our groups are determined to Rise and Soar.

Beth Kungel Borck (’03, M.B.A.)
Director, Affiliated Alumni Associations