Communications Request Form

About You

About Your Event

What audience are you trying to reach with this event? Please identify primary and secondary audience members. The target audiences may include UH students, parents of students, faculty or staff, Houston-area alumni, all alumni, or the greater Houston community.

Why should someone attend this event? Please identify the big picture take-away or the primary message of this event. Think about what your organization means to the target audience; what sets your organization apart? Once your key message is clear, make sure it’s consistent across all communications.

Describe your communication plan. Tell us about your plan below. Do you have a graphic designer that you are using? If not, are you requesting UHAA to provide graphic design? What available budget do you have for additional marketing? (design work/ad purchases on social media or UH community sites; for example: the Daily Cougar.) Is this a social media post? For social media please limit your submission for Facebook to 300 characters, Twitter to 140 characters, or E-Communications to 400 characters.


Most communications are digital, for instance, by email, on websites or on social media. Other alternatives include printed flyers, posters, table tents, yard signs or banners. Your choice will depend largely on your audience.

Event graphics need to be requested 6-8 weeks prior to the scheduled event. This allows for editing and approval. Please provide the date, time, location, price and registration links (if applicable) in your graphic design request.

After the design is created, please have members of the UHAA team and your team proofread once more before making this information public. If you have access to someone in your target audience, it would be helpful to have them view the materials, as well.

Determine whether your marketing materials meet UH brand standards by visiting:

Tips on copywriting: Keep it short and simple!

Emails and print collateral don’t have to be wordy. If you can send the audience member to somewhere “for more information,” always do that. If it takes more than 30 seconds to read the message, people most likely won’t read it.

What is the call to action? Always remember to include this. For example, “Register today” or “Visit for more info.”