Wishing Our 2020 Graduates the Best!

Even though your semester wasn’t what you expected, our alumni are so proud of you and wanted to say 20 words (more or less) to the Class of ’20!

You have done it! Against some crazy odds, y’all have come out stronger! Y’all can do anything! CONGRATS FOREVER COOGS!

Madison Rendall ’19

Your time, stress and dedication now paid off. Education never ends: we are always honored with your success and accomplishments.

Ebubekir Orsun ’08

In the midst of a pandemic and global uncertainty, you did it! Congratulations on your graduation and continue working hard on your goals.

Saira Rab ’16

Congrats on your upcoming graduation day! You have overcome so much to get here — enjoy the moment and celebrate your accomplishments. Way to go, Coog!

Megan Broussard ’14

Some of the greatest stories include the most challenging moments. Your commitment and resilience has brought you to this great accomplishment — graduation! Congratulations!

Trina Silva

You are officially the strongest graduating class by far! No one deserves this moment more than you! Go Coogs!

Sydney Steptoe ’19

Paws up for the class of ’20! You can change the world for all of us.

Julie Fix ’72

Sure, your last semester as a student looks a little different, the good news is you’ll never stop being a Coog! Carry this place with you always.

Molly Sedbrook ’18

You have conquered the challenges of school and 2020. Define your path to be the change in the world. #GoCoogs!

Heinz Roy ’86

Don’t let the fear of the unknown cause push-back, embrace change as an opportunity to challenge yourself and excel. CONGRATS!

Araceli Lopez ’17

You worked so hard to get here, know that so many people are proud of you. Your accomplishments matter. JAT

Andrea Cruz ’17

Each graduating class experiences a unique economy, political climate and cultural growth. Don’t let 2020’s version deter your next steps. You got this. Coogs are with you. You will find success

Kim Stinebaker ’91

I know not where your journey leads, yet, in your preparation, I have every confidence. #ForeverCoogs

Nathan Roland ’99

Do not be discouraged, rejoice in the moment, for it is yours. Congratulations! #ForeverCoogs

Erika Garcia ’14

I remember my trepidations at graduation in August, ’65. The war in Vietnam was beginning to boil. I served. Your chance awaits.

Clement “Clem” Beard ’65

There is nothing you can’t accomplish after graduating in the midst of a pandemic! Congratulations!!!

Debbie Harwell ’12

Congratulations Class of 2020! I just donated $20.20 to UH in your honor. Remember, an acorn can grow into a mighty oak. Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay sane.

Nancy Clark ’76

Congrats to the class of 2020. Always remember, tough times make tough people and that’s what Coogs are.

Jimmy Schofield ’00

Very proud of the Class of 2020! Although it wasn’t our normal year, we still did it! CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2020!

Cindy Vazquez ’20

I want to congratulate each of you on graduating. 2020 has been so difficult for each of you. There are great moves for you to make. Stay true to yourselves. Bless each of you.

Deborah Battle ’96

Dream big. Be humble. Do good for others. Follow your heart. Be the best version of you. Congratulations!

Amanda Fenwick ’04

You are resilient, adaptable and strong. Congratulations, class of 2020!

Alyssa Chapa-Foley ’19

Congratulations! Despite how crazy 2020 has been, you finally reached graduation! We are all so proud of you and we all can’t wait to see the impact you make this world!

Mayra Castillo ’19

Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! Tough final semester but Coogs always prevail!

Angel Flores ’19

This is the beginning of roads up and down, detours, peaks and valleys. Take the journey in stride. Go Coogs!

Amy Leggio

Tough times don’t last, tough Cougars do. Keep your head up and welcome to the best alumni group in the world. Go Coogs!

Darren Randle ’12

One word that defines your class is resilient. Your time as a student saw both Harvey and now Covid. Be proud of your resilience, lean into it, and know the Cougar nation will be with you all the way!

Beth Borck ’03

Don’t forget to by yourself some confetti to celebrate how you handled unexpected adversity and finished strong!

Jenny Childers ’15

Congratulations Class of 2020! You will certainly pave the path for future generations. Be the best Cougar!

Michael Sachs ’97

Congratulations! You did it! Remember that you’re a part of the PowerHouse — you are what makes it a PowerHouse. #forevercoog

Kathryn Garza ’17

Twenty words or less and I just wasted eleven of them! Congratulations! Celebrate! Proud to be your colleague!

Tim Hug ’89

Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2020 as you all embark on your next adventure in life! #ForeverCoog

Rocio Lopez-Flores ’18

To the Cougar Class of 2020! Your future is bright and I know you will change the world in wonderful ways! Your journey is just beginning!!

Shazia Khan ’84

Sad your last semester was ruined by COVID-19 but proud of your completion of your degree. Coog for life!

Kerry Davidson ’68

Happy for all who graduated during very difficult circumstances. Congrats! Go Coogs!!

David Blomstrom ’61

Those who joined the ranks of UH Alumni before you recognize that you as the class Spring 2020 have faced a great hardship with Covid-19. In time you will fondly remember the good times before! Go Coogs.

Bob Planck ’71

The world awaits you fellow Cougars. Trust your training and education — it’s second to none. GO GET ’EM COOGS!!!

Barrye Price ’85

I’m at so very proud of all of you. Things may look very different from what you expected for 2020 however, things will get better. Keep your head up and know that the UH Alumni Association is always a wonderful resource. You will be successful, just remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other to make small moves towards your large goals.

Seante Johnson ’14

Congratulations Cougar graduates. So sorry your 2020 graduation ceremony is different. I’m so proud of all of you. Congratulations!!!

Cheryl Nathan ’83

Congratulations on this fantastic milestone! So proud of your accomplishments! Continue to do great things and stay connected to UH.

Drue DaSilva ’93

Congratulations Class of 2020! You have weathered the most challenging of circumstances and your dedication to your education has inspired us all. Go Coogs!

Katie Salvatore

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020! Wishing you success and many blessings as you continue life’s journey … Go Coogs!

Wayne Luckett ’74

In trying times, never lose sight of your goal.

Alberto Soto ’19

Don’t stop believing in yourself. You truly are the future!!! Congratulations and GO COOGS!!!

Belva Alaniz ’09

Congratulations, class of 2020! In the words of Mr. Feeny, dream, try, do good! Go coogs!

Lauren Beaton ’13

Cheers 🍾 to Class 2020! Y’all have the world and best education in your hands!

Celeste Licona ’00

YASSSSS COOGS!!!! Congratulations on graduating college! That’s a huge deal and you should be extremely proud of all you’ve accomplished!! 🙂

Kirstyn Speich ’16

You worked hard, didn’t let obstacles stop you from earning that degree. Be proud, Cougar Grad. True we’ll ever be.

Dave Rojas ’93

Congrats and good luck on all your future endeavors! Once a coog always a coog! #GoCoogs

Marissa Lehman ’17

Go forth with courage and God’s grace!

Mark Finke ’88

The job I have now is my everything. Waking up everyday to do something you love is the most amazing feeling. Keep working hard, because all the hard work you put will be worth it later.

Karla Rodriguez ’18

Welcome to the UH Alumni Association! You’re in for lots of fun and friendship as a forever Coog!

Cathy Coers Frank ’80

You should feel proud of the Coog grit and perseverance you’ve shown in these tough times!

Carrie Cutler ’06

Congratulations on your graduation day! On this day, we recognize you for all of your hard work, sweat and perseverance.

Brittany Lang ’11

Congratulations for achieving a major accomplishment in an extraordinary year!! I am proud to have graduated from UH, and I know you are, too!

David White ’68

A year to remember in more ways than one! You are well prepared to be successful in your field — congratulations!

Rhonda Sweeney ’79

I am extremely proud of each of you; your Senior year has been a real horror, but you made it through anyway. Adversity can be a great teacher. Way to go; that makes you even better Cougars!

Patrick Moran ’49