June 2020

Dear Cougars,

Just one month ago, we celebrated another graduating class and welcomed our newest Forever-Coogs into our family, reaching the milestone of 300,000 alumni. In the wake of our nation’s most recent events, these young leaders and scholars are entering a complex world. This makes our role as alumni more important than ever. Every day, I come across stories of Cougars leading in the community, demonstrating what human decency, empathy and kindness look like. I am grateful to be in your company and honored to help light the path for the next generation alongside you.

In her recent message to the UH community, President Khator said it best: “Our mission as an institution and our responsibility as human beings compel us to take a stand. To those who are horrified and in serious distress; we stand with you.”

Now, as we enter the summer, there is much to look forward to, and there are many ways to participate with your Cougar family, finding some normalcy as we adjust to this unique time. Just last month, we debuted our Alumni Webinar series with record participation. We have several more scheduled throughout the summer and into the fall. Our June 10th webinar on sports with three of our great alumni, Matt Thomas, Robert Flores and Bill Worrell is already filling up. Read on to register. We are also calendaring various webinars that our other colleges and academic units are offering.

Lastly, we are gearing up to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the UH Alumni Association. Stay tuned for how you can help make this special occasion memorable for all. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

While we are apart right now, remember that we are together in unity and spirit. No fancy hashtags are needed to understand how we as Cougars are linked, how we rally when the need presents itself and how we are HOUSTON!

True We’ll Ever Be,

Mike Pede (’89)
Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations