Hello Cougars

Mike Pede
Michael Pede (’89)
University of Houston
Associate Vice President
Alumni Relations & UHAA

Oscar Wilde once said, “All at once, summer collapsed into fall,” I don’t think a truer statement has been made.

It seems like we simply flip the calendar from August to September, and the mindset changes. Classes start, students bustle, footballs get kicked and we reach for a jacket. Ok, maybe we aren’t reaching for a jacket just yet, but the rest is true!

We are in full swing here at UHAA and there is a place for you. Take the time to navigate the entire Happenings newsletter and you will find something that peaks your interest or fulfills a need. It’s a new school year, a new set of future alumni, a new feeling and a new beginning.

Now that you have your alumni card, entering Party on the Plaza or the Life Member Tent at TDECU Stadium should be a breeze. Joining one of our constituent alumni associations or taking one of our great trips with Coogs on the Road is just as easy, visit houstonalumni.com to get started.

We have a new strategic plan launching with new programming for young alumni, national constituents and new colleges. We are four months from 2020 and we are seeing the path clearly and finding a place for you at our alma mater.

So, let’s not make it just another September, let’s make it a September to remember! Go Coogs!

True We’ll Ever Be,

Mike Pede