Life Member FAQ

UH Life Member


1. How can I pay my UH Life Membership?

You can easily make Life Membership payments here You will need to have your credit or debit card handy in order to finish the payment process. Please send checks to University Advancement P.0. Box 867 Houston, TX 77001-0867

2. Can I pay my Life membership in installments?

Yes, indeed, you’ll have a variety of options to pay for your installments: monthly or annually. See more here:

3. How many years do I have to complete my Life Membership?

After the first payment, you have 4 years to complete your pledge.

4. When will my name be added to Life Member columns?

At the completion of all of your payments. The year of the final payment will be the year where your name will be listed.

5. Do I get free parking on campus as a Life Member?

We no longer offer free parking to Life Members. However, you can purchase a UH Economy or Garage parking permit. Permits can be purchased in person at the PTS Customer Service Counter at the Welcome Center or Stadium Garage. For more:

6. Can I restrict my gift to a college and still be a Life Member?

Your gift to become a Life Member is restricted to the Life Membership program only, which supports the Legacy Scholarship and alumni programming. Gifts to a college do not qualify a donor for a Life membership.

7. Can I upgrade my Life Membership to joint?

Of course, you can! Joint membership upgrades are $500 for each category: Alumni, Recent Graduate and Student. See more in the pricing section:

8. Whom can I add as a joint life member?

We would love to have more Life Members! Available for joint membership with you: your spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling

9. What sporting events will I have all access to?

The sporting events will vary throughout the year. Please call the alumni office at 713.743.9550 to confirm, what sporting events, we plan to attend this year.

10. Do I receive benefits if I’m still in payment?

Yes! Once you start your pledge, your Life Membership begins. You’ll have access to all benefits with the exception of your name on the columns, which you get once the pledge is fulfilled.

11. When will I receive my life membership materials?

Your Life Membership packet will be sent within 2-3 weeks of starting your Life Membership pledge.

12. What benefits will I receive as a Life Member?

Free entry to UHAAF tent at select sporting events with free food and beverage, Life Member exclusive pricing at UHAA events, discounts at hundreds of local and national businesses, and priority access to all UHAA events and much more. See the list here. Please note benefits are subject to change throughout the year.

14. How can I get more information about my Life Member benefits?

Please visit, email us at or call (713) 743-4708.