Hello Cougars!

Mike Pede
Michael Pede (’89)
University of Houston
Associate Vice President
Alumni Relations & UHAA

October is here, and you can feel the air become crisp! Oh wait, maybe that was just me wishing the air would become crisp!

We have so much going on between now and homecoming weekend, which is Saturday, November 10. I won’t go into detail on each event, but you can find that information on https://houstonalumni.com/events/.

Thank you to our volunteers who are making all these great things happen. Thank you to our leadership who allows our alumni association‘s to have the bandwidth to generate the enthusiasm for our programs. Also, thank you to all of you out there in the alumni population for coming to our events, supporting or sponsoring our events, and generally showing your enthusiasm for our alma mater. We set a record for new Life Memberships last year, and I hope you will join that exclusive group if you haven’t already!

Our 5th Annual Cougar 100 Luncheon, arguably the best luncheon of the year in the city of Houston, will occur on October 30. We recognize the 100 fastest growing University of Houston, Cougar-owned or Cougar-operated businesses in the world. Join us to celebrate our great alumni.

During homecoming, we are teaming up with athletics again to celebrate the 50th and 40th anniversary of the 1968 and 1978 football teams. The UH Cougars will wear those jerseys for the homecoming game, and you get a chance to bid on a throwback jersey, starting Oct. 21. That also ties into the launch of our new UHAA online Legacy store, which you will hear so much more about very soon.

Those events are sandwiched between our trips to North Carolina and Annapolis for our alumni association‘s to gather and cheer on the Coogs at football games, as well as Dallas on November 3 and Memphis at the latter part of November. And as always, all the info can be found on your UHAA App, check it out at www.houstonalumni.com.

Still to come, the announcement of our 2019 Distinguished Alumni Awards honorees in just a couple of weeks. If you know someone deserving, visit www.houstonalumni.com

As they say, so much to do, so little time. That’s what makes the greatest gig in the world! Hope to see you soon.

True We’ll Ever Be,