Welcome to the Cougar 100 Business Directory. In our continuing effort to support our graduates, the Office of Alumni Relations invites all alumni-owned small businesses and services to submit their information on this public, consumer-friendly and searchable website.

Small businesses are generally considered the backbone of American ingenuity and impact local economies in cities and towns across the country. So whether it’s a privately-owned company, a partnership, sole proprietorship, or home-based business, we encourage you to show your support for small business everywhere and especially those created, owned, and operated by fellow Coogs!


The Cougar 100 is our way of recognizing and celebrating the 100 most successful Cougar-owned or operated companies.

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All alumni who submit their business for the Cougar 100 may be included in the Cougar 100 Business Directory and have the opportunity to take part in mentoring programs, career fairs and potentially take part in the UH Corporate Partner program.