Hello Cougars!

Mike Pede
Michael Pede (’89)
University of Houston
Associate Vice President
Alumni Relations & UHAA

There’s power in the numbers coming from your alma mater, which we affectionately call the Powerhouse! These numbers are sure to “wow” you.

  • 46,000 – Students
  • 266,000 – Living alumni
  • 167,000 – Alumni in Houston

I don’t know what the enrollment was when you attended UH, but there are more than 46,000 students on our campus this semester, from a wide range of states and countries. That’s a number to be proud of!

The number 266,000 represents the over quarter of million living alumni of UH in the world. We are adding nearly 9,000 a year to that number after commencements. We are growing our network of Cougars to hire; do business with; work with; consult with; live with and travel with; each and every year.

Finally, 167,000 is how many Cougar alumni live in the greater Houston area, which means one in six college graduates in Houston is a Cougar! Think about that the next time you are at an Astros game, or in a restaurant or at the park and you see others around you. One out of six! Wow, those are powerful numbers.

So, now’s the time to use those numbers to your advantage. Visit houstonalumni.com to learn how to volunteer with one of our 45 alumni associations or find an event that interests you. Now that football season is back, look for us at Party on the Plaza each and every home game. We will see you this fall!

Enjoy this month’s Happenings and I hope to see you soon!

True We’ll Ever Be,