Ready, Set: Here, We Go!

Mike Pede
Michael Pede (’89)
University of Houston
Associate Vice President
Alumni Relations & UHAA

Well it’s August, which in our world is like getting on a roller coaster. We come back from vacation, return to the office and settle in for another exciting ride with our volunteers, associations, groups, events and programs for the upcoming 2018-19 year.

We have so much going on. The best bit of advice I can give you is to go to the App Store and download the UHAA App! Our App will have everything you need to get the dates, times and ways to participate with your Alumni Association. It’ll help you become a Life Member before football season starts, and you can get your Alumni Card so you can join us at Party on the Plaza. The UHAA App will also help you find that gear you need to sport your finest red and white for the big game or alumni reunion.

I do ask if you could do UH one last favor as we close out this fiscal year: we have some lofty goals to reach, and alumni participation is one of the most important of these. We want to end with some record alumni participation, so if you haven’t made a gift this year (and it can be of any amount; we are about participation), please take a moment and visit and make a gift before August 31, 2018. In this way, we can knock UH alumni participation out of the park! Thanks in advance.

Other than that, hop on the ride, get your best seat, wear your red cap because we are headed into August and September! Here, We Go! What a ride it will be!

See you all very soon at one of our UHAA events, I am sure! Or stop by the Alumni Center and say “hello” on your next trip to campus.

Go Coogs!

True We’ll Ever Be,